Chupapi Muñañyo Meaning

If you’ve been spending a lot of time on TikTok, you have probably not escaped without hearing the phrase, “Chupapi Muñañyo.” This phrase appeared in 2020, seemingly out of nowhere, and has caught on like only a viral TikTok trend can.

It is written and pronounced in a few different ways, depending on who is using it, including “Chupapi Muñaño,” “Chupapi Muñayo,” and “Chupapi Munyayo.” So where does this phrase come from and what does it mean? Read on to learn all about it.

What does Chupapi Muñañyo mean?

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As far as I can tell, Chupapi Muñañyo doesn’t mean anything at all. It is merely a collection of sounds that form a gibberish phrase. However, there are a few theories going around about its meaning, so here are a few of them – you can probably pick whichever one you like best:

The Urban Dictionary has multiple entries for this expression, including:

  • It means nothing and is just a very annoying phrase that kids say to sound cool.
  • It means “suck my d**k, papa, come on!” in Spanish.
  • In the Philippines, it is a way to identify normies.
  • It means “Surprise, Motherf****er” in Latin.

It’s important to note that if you type the phrase into Google Translate, almost all versions of it will come up blank, meaning that there is no correct translation and that the language-specific translations above are wrong. Let’s have a closer look.


The Urban Dictionary entry says that the phrase is broken down into the following parts in Spanish:

  • “Chupa” – meaning “to suck a d***.”
  • “Papi” – meaning “dad.”
  • “Munyayo” – meaning “Come on.”

First of all, the word “chupa” just means “sucks” in Spanish, from the word “chupar,” which means “to suck.” The phrase above would require 3 words, just like in English. Secondly, “Papi” does mean dad or father, but since they claim that “chupa” is the first word in the phrase, the “pa” has already been used and all that is left is “pi.” 

Lastly, the word “Muñañyo,” “Muñayo,” “Munyayo,” or any other variation I can think of doesn’t seem to have any meaning in any language, aside from a few unlikely possibilities from slightly different words in African dialects.

For example, “Munyonyo” means “bird” in Kinyarwanda, and “Munyoyo” means “in the heart” in Shona according to Google Translate. I am quite certain these meanings have nothing to do with the TikTok phrase.

Also, according to Google Translate, there are a few words in Spanish for “come on,” and none of them is any version of “Muñañyo.” They are: “vamos,” “encenderse,” “aparecer,” “comenzar,” “empezar,” and “avanzar.”

So we can be fairly certain our phrase is not Spanish, and the only part of this theory that makes sense is that “chupa” means “sucks.”


I have no idea where the Urban Dictionary user who wrote that entry got their idea from. There is nothing in Latin that sounds anything like either of the words in this phrase, let alone the words, “surprise, motherf***er.”

Apparently, the correct translation for this phrase in Latin would be “Admiratio, mater fututor.”

Where Does Chupapi Muñañyo Come From?

It is unclear exactly where this crazy phrase started, but most people credit its creation to TikTok user @jaykindafunny8, or just Jay. He first used it in 2020 when he videoed himself driving up to a drive-thru counter and ordering an ice cream. He then smashed the ice cream cone into his forehead and drove off, muttering “muñañyo” or some version of it.

He did a series of these ice cream cone videos and then started using the phrase in scare pranks. He walks up to strangers on the street and screams “Chupapi Muñañyo” at them to give them a fright. When they try to interact with him, he keeps repeating versions of the phrase to make it seem like he doesn’t speak any English.

The TikToker now has over 16 million followers and each of his videos racks up millions of views, so he must be doing something right. His best-known video has almost reached the 14 million views mark all on its own!

What is the Correct Spelling?

Styling himself the “CEO” of “Chupapi Muñañyo,” Jay has let us know how he believes the word should be spelled. He took the two most popular spellings on TikTok, “Munyayo” and “Muñaño,” and combined them to create “Muñañyo.” Since it is a nonsense word, I think you can spell it however you would like. 

How to Use Chupapi Muñañyo

Well, if you want my personal opinion – don’t. But, I’m just a middle-aged lady who’s too old for this sh*t, so what do I know?

If you want to use the phrase, you could do your own TikTok pranks, but I don’t recommend trying to use it in conversation. At best, you’ll probably receive some looks that say you should be in a mental home, and at worst, you might get assaulted like Jay almost did.

To prank someone with this phrase, you would sneak up on them while their attention is on something else and shout the phrase in their ear. If they try to speak to you, you just keep repeating versions of the phrase as if you are asking them a question. The aim is to frighten and confuse people while videoing yourself.


The popular TikTok phrase “Chupapi Muñañyo,” possibly created by TikTok user @jaykindafunny8, has absolutely no meaning at all. Despite numerous theories about translations from Spanish and Latin, there is no evidence to suggest that any of them bears any weight. 

The self-named CEO of Chupapi Muñañyo, Jay tells us that the phrase is meaningless, so you can essentially use it however you want. However, you should be careful because some people think the phrase is rude, and you could get yourself into trouble using it around the wrong crowd.

Jay uses it to prank people by shouting it at them while they are not paying attention, scaring them and confusing them. Sometimes the person tries to understand what he is saying, and sometimes he gets pushed or threatened. Use it at your own peril!

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