Denzel Washington's Siblings Lorice Washington and David Washington

Denzel Washington, a renowned actor, has a supportive family background that has two siblings: older sister, Lorice, and younger brother, David.

Denzel’s siblings have always been a source of support and inspiration for him. They share a strong bond, rooted in family values and a love for the arts. This close relationship has helped shape Denzel into the successful actor and person he is today.

Here we’ll talk about the dynamics and influence of Denzel’s siblings on his life and career, providing a deeper understanding of the personal connections that shape his professional journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Denzel Washington has two siblings: Lorice and David, who have both played significant roles in his life.
  • Lorice Washington, Denzel’s older sister, is a singer and minister, while David, his younger brother, works for the NYC Water Department and is also a minister.
  • The strong family ties and support from his siblings have been instrumental in Denzel’s successful acting career.
  • Despite their different career paths, the Washington siblings share a deep bond and mutual respect that have been evident in their public appearances and personal interactions.
  • The influence of family, especially the support from his siblings, has been a consistent and vital component of Denzel’s life and career.

Denzel Washington’s Early Family Life

Parents and Their Professions

Denzel Washington was born to Lennis “Lynne” Washington and Denzel Hayes Washington Sr. His mother owned a beauty parlor and his father was a Pentecostal minister and also worked for the New York City Water Department. Their professions provided a stable and nurturing environment for Denzel and his siblings.

Denzel grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. He had a supportive family that helped him stay grounded despite his future fame. His siblings, Lorice and David, shared many joyful moments with him during their childhood.

Effect of Parents’ Divorce on the Siblings

When Denzel was fourteen, his parents divorced. This event had a significant impact on him and his siblings. To keep him away from the negative influences of the streets, his mother sent him to a private military school. This decision was crucial in shaping Denzel’s discipline and work ethic.

Lorice Washington

Lorice Washington is the older sister of Denzel Washington. From a young age, Lorice was involved in music and the arts. She began her musical journey singing in her father’s church when she was just four years old.

Lorice Washington has had a diverse career. She is not only a singer but also a minister. She has traveled across America, Europe, and the Middle East, developing her musical and spiritual talents. Lorice is also known for her work in ministry, following in her father’s footsteps who was a preacher.

Lorice leads a very private life. She has faced personal challenges, including living with bipolar disorder, which she manages alongside her professional and personal responsibilities. Despite these challenges, Lorice has made significant contributions to her community and the arts.

David Washington

David Washington, Denzel’s younger brother, has led a life away from the Hollywood spotlight. Unlike his brother, David has pursued a career outside of acting and entertainment. He works at the NYC Water Department and is also a minister.

David is known for his work outside of the entertainment industry, which includes significant contributions to the community and his own personal development.

David’s life was marked by a traumatic event at the age of seven, which had a profound impact on him. Despite this, he has worked to overcome these challenges and lead a fulfilling life.

Relationship with Denzel Washington

Both Lorice and David Washington have a close relationship with their brother Denzel. They have supported each other through various phases of their lives. Denzel often speaks about the importance of family and how his siblings have influenced his life and career. Their shared experiences have provided a strong foundation of support and understanding among them.

From the start of his career, they have given him the support he needed. Their encouragement has been a key part of his success. Their influence is clear in Denzel’s achievements.

Denzel and his siblings share many values and interests. These common values have helped them stay close. They all believe in hard work and dedication.

The way Denzel’s family interacts has affected his career choices. He often chooses roles that reflect the strong family values he grew up with.


Lorice and David Washington, though less known than their famous brother Denzel, have led interesting and impactful lives. Their careers and personal experiences differ significantly from Denzel’s, but they share a common bond of family unity and support. Each sibling has made unique contributions to their fields and continues to influence those around them positively.