what is maqtoob?

MAQTOOB helps you easily​ discover ​useful and affordable business tools. Search the best available apps ​to grow your​ business in a range of relevant categories.

Compare ratings and read reviews. Provide feedback and ​help others to choose​. And ultimately, improve your productivity, save your time, and slash your costs.

cool logo, can I get stickers?

Sure, you can buy them here: http://www.stickermule.com/marketplace/10420-maqtoob or meet us somewhere on the road:)

how do I get my list on the front page?

That's quite easy. All you need to do is to include your photo, full name (preferably the real one), job position, and company name in your profile. The list should also include at least 3 tools.

some of the cool apps I know are missing here...why?

At the moment, we feature over 3,000 apps, and with your help we would like to grow much more.

Most pages of this website include a "submit a tool" button (the big blue one at the top right corner). If your favorite tool isn't included yet (use the search box to find out), send us its URL please. We will check your recommendation as soon as possible, and eventually place it in an appropriate category.

why don't you use a rating system like other websites (likes, thumbs, stars)?

We wanted to bring something new and make rating a bit more fun. Besides, it's not so easy to rate software you (may) use to grow your business. Each of us has different criteria, level of IT skills, or available budget.

Therefore, we let you give points for 4 qualities: useful, easy, beautiful, budget. For example rating of 10-4-8-10 would mean that the app is free, nice, very useful, but it takes time to get the hang of it.

Like this, users can sort tools in different categories according to their individual preferences. Somebody is looking for uncomplicated, well-designed software, another simply needs something cheap.

what does it matter if the software is beautiful or not?

We let users rate the look and functionality of the apps featured here, because we want to celebrate and appreciate good design.

At the same time, it doesn't mean that tools with lower rating in this aspect can't shine in others. Feel free to give points for what matters to you.

how much does it cost to use maqtoob?

Yes, it's completely free for you to browse, discover, rate, and review tools. It will always be.

how often do you add new tools?

Almost daily. From time to time, we also add new categories if we feel there's a group of tools entrepreneurs can make good use of.

how do I create my own list of tools?

When visiting the tool's page (e.g. https://maqtoob.com/tool/dropbox), click on the "add to list" button. There you can include the specific tool in an existing list, or create a brand new one.

Alternatively, go to your profile where you can see the "Add new list" box. After you choose and save its title, you can either browse tools to add them one by one, or use the search box to add them from your profile page. We also encourage you to share your lists with your friends or colleagues (via email, Twitter or Facebook).

who is that lovely girl on the homepage?

Her name is Iveta Rysava and she is a talented photographer and artist from Berlin. Check her website here: http://www.rysava.com/

what if I have another question, or if I want to share my feedback/report a bug?

Any feedback is welcome, so please feel free to drop a line anytime at: feedback@maqtoob.com

You can use the same address for any other questions you may have, or if you find something that's not working.

I'd like to have my app listed, but I can't find a suitable category...can I suggest one?

Yes, sure. If you feel that your app fits into a category that is missing, please get in touch. You can email us at: info@maqtoob.com – subject line: new category. We may consider adding it.

what is the criteria for accepting a submission?

Our criteria are not brutally strict. However, we aim to keep up the high quality of the published tools, so not every submission gets approved.

In general, you should submit tools that are useful, easy to use, well designed, and affordable for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small business owners.

Your tool must be launched and fully functional. We check if there are already some happy users. It is also very important that you include correct and relevant information in your listing. And no link spam please.

how long does it take before the submitted tool gets approved and published?

It shouldn't take more than 3-4 weeks. The app creators get notified when their app is published.

why did you reject my tool?

Unfortunately, due to the large number of submissions we receive every day, we can't provide individual feedback.

We also reserve the right to reject or withdraw any tool, without notice at any time, due to incorrect or irrelevant content included on the tool page. Manipulating your ratings doesn't help either.

what are the most common reasons for not accepting a tool?

Most often we don’t accept tools that are:

– pre-launch

– invite only

– not relevant (e.g. photo-sharing, lifestyle, pets)

– low-quality

– malfunctioning

– duplicate

– anonymous

what is the submission acceptance rate?

Well, it varies. But most of the time it’s somewhere below 5%. We don’t aim to show everything, we aim to show the best.

what is the difference between a basic and premium listing?

Any tool that gets approved can be listed here for free. Your tool page will feature one screenshot (homepage), short description (max 250 characters), and URL. It will be listed in one single category.

If you opt for the premium listing, you can upload up to 9 other images of your app, a product video, a promo code, and your logo (so we can display your promo offer here: https://maqtoob.com/promo).

The tool description can reach up to 3000 characters (3 tabs - About, Price, Features - 1000 characters each).

You can also promote your social media links to get more followers.

The app can be listed in up to 3 categories (if it makes sense – we reserve the right to remove inappropriate listing in a specific category). Moreover, the page will not show recommendations for other apps.

social links on my tool page don't work properly...what shall I do?

Make sure you entered the correct URL (your profile -> tools -> edit). For example, use https://twitter.com/maqtoob, not @maqtoob.

what is a tagline?

It's a short (a few words), clear, and catchy description of your tool. Good examples may be: "Amazingly simple graphic design", "Meet verified freelance developers", "Conduct performance reviews online", "Visualize where your visitors click" etc.

will I get notified if someone posts a review of my app?

Yes, you will get notified, but make sure the app is associated with your account (check the "Tools" tab in your personal profile).

If you don't see your app on your user page, use the "CLAIM IT" link to verify your ownership. You will find it on your tool page (e.g. maqtoob.com/tool/yourapp) next to the image slider.

can I advertise on your website/blog/newsletter?

Please get in touch here: advertise@maqtoob.com.

what if I have another question, or if I want to share my feedback/report a bug?

Any feedback is welcome, so please feel free to drop a line anytime at: feedback@maqtoob.com

You can use the same address for any other questions you may have, or if you find something that's not working.