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The ultimate tool to schedule successful meetings
With cally.com scheduling is very easy and quick. Create your customised event, suggest locations and dates as needed, and send out the invitations. You will easily track participants responses and clearly identify the best date for your event.
Categories: events scheduling
Platforms: Web Android iOS
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We make scheduling easy for you.

Cally.com is the pre-eminent tool to bring families, friends and business relations together.

Our website is visited more than 60 million times a year enabling 7 million unique users to create their events through cally.com. The team behind cally.com consists of more than 15 creative minds and is located near The Hague.

Quality time means getting together with family, friends or business relations. We believe that you’re the only one planning this quality time, but it is done a lot easier with an application that helps you take the initiative.

To achieve this goal cally.com follows a strategy based on three fundamentals: personalisation, experience and intelligence.
Free desktop tool & free app available on Android and iOS.
o Possibility to pick multiple dates and times.
o Location suggestions with user’s reviews.
o Unique event link generated with customized options like cover images.
o Gmail (Google contacts) integration
o Facebook/ Google+ log in
o Receive notifications when participants respond
o Possibility to save participants emails
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John Diddle
John Diddle
Nov 16, 2017
I schedule my appointments far in the future and Cally helps me to easily plan group meetings. It's a lot easier than the various different calendaring systems. I just share a link and share it via my newsletter.
Verified review
Peter Janssen
Peter Janssen
Nov 16, 2017
Awesome to schedule quick meetings.
Dara Strutt
Dara Strutt
Nov 16, 2017
I love how I can browse venues on Cally and get inspiration on where to host my event
Verified review