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Free Code Camp

Learn to code and help nonprofits
Join a community of 100,000+ motivated people. Work together on Full Stack JavaScript coding challenges. Build apps that solve real problems for real people. And give nonprofits a boost by empowering them with code.
Categories: learning / coding
Platforms: Web
Languages: English
Free Code Camp is an open source community of 100,000+ motivated people who learn to code and help nonprofits.

Our 1,600-hour coding curriculum is self-paced, browser-based, and free. You'll build a portfolio of real-life projects that help nonprofits.

Free Code Camp is a proven path to your first software engineering job. Join our open source community.
We will be free forever.
- a rigorous 1,600 hour web development curriculum that covers: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Git, MongoDB, Agile development and a whole lot more.
- a supportive community that helps you when you get stuck and keeps you motivated. We also have in-person coffee-and-code events in more than 500 cities.
- verified front end development and full stack development certifications (these are also free, but you'll have to work hard to earn them)
- Nonprofit projects where you help real life nonprofits under the supervision of real project managers. (this is free for everyone, including the nonprofits)
- a job board where you can find jobs that specifically require our certifications

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Quincy Larson
Quincy Larson
Oct 12, 2016
The best place to learn to code, period.