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Ticketing help desk, knowledge base and feedback system
Helprace is a customer service application designed to put an end to barriers between you and your users by offering one-on-one and crowd-driven support.
Categories: customer support
Platforms: Web Mac Windows
Languages: Arabic Czech Danish German Greek English Spanish French Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Malayalam Dutch Norwegian Polish Russian Albanian Turkish Chinese
Helprace is a complete customer support solution for virtually any company out there. The help desk, knowledge management and customer feedback community are offered on a stand-alone basis or within one integrated system. Helprace is designed to be used across a wide range of vertical industries including technology, government, media, and retail, and is scalable for businesses of all sizes.
Free to $20/agent/month
Full help desk with filters, automations, private notes, SLA
Feedback widget with 4 categories: ask a question, share an idea, report a problem, give praise
Self-service portal with articles and updates
Customer community forum with user profiles
Multiple branding, unlimited admins, agents and end-users.
Helprace API, Single Sign On, SSL Security

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