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Kanban Tool

Increase Team Performance With a Visual Project Management Tool
Kanban Tool is a web-based application for task management based on the Kanban method. It facilitates a clear visualization of tasks on a white-board, managing processes and analyzing performance.
Platforms: Web Android iOS
Languages: Czech German English Spanish French Italian Polish Portuguese Russian
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Juana Martin
Juana Martin
Oct 15, 2019
Very easy to use online tool which helped me to organize my tasks- since I started to use Kanbantool my projects go smoother and I can save much time as I see on my virtual board what are my priorities and on which one I should focus first.
Emma Lake
Emma Lake
May 24, 2019
Kanban Tool is a very handy tool , which helps in both individual and teamwork. It makes my work more organized. I can see all mine and my coworkers tasks at just one board. We can also see, how much time we spend while doing single task. I strongly recommend it.
Małgorzata Zawacka
Małgorzata Zawacka
Jul 21, 2018
I do find Kanban tool very useful - as individual who needs to organize my freelance tasks. That is very smple and efficient way to have everything done. You can also measure the time and it controls perfectly your daily routine :)