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Simply efficient HR Software for small & medium-sized businesses
kiwiHR helps small and medium sized businesses manage and organize employees' records and time off. Save valuable time and resources with easy-to-use HR Software. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes without any set up costs.
Categories: human resources
Platforms: Web Android Windows Phone iOS Mac Windows Linux
Languages: German English French
kiwiHR’s focus lies on making Human Resources Management more efficient and make digital HR accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.
Many small and medium-sized companies have reservations about the digitization of the Human Resources Management department. But they shouldn't. With kiwiHR saving valuable time and resources while streamlining HR tasks is as easy as it gets.
kiwiHR is best suited for companies up to 100 employees of any business sector. Our software offers easy usage to all employees and time saving management features for managers.

The kiwiHR team continuously works on enhancing its range of functions with additional smart and useful features.
Our team has been developing innovative HR management solutions since 2008. This results in an easy-to-use software for everyone. kiwiHR's smart features are accessible from any device. Setting up kiwiHR takes less than five minutes and is absolutely free.
kiwiHR offers simple and transparent pricing

Companies have the chance to get to know kiwiHR in a 30-day free trial before potentially subscribing. For signing-up to kiwiHR no credit card is required and the configuration takes less than 5 minutes.
kiwiHR is priced at 3 $ per employee per month when billed annually. kiwiHR's short-term plan is priced at 3.5 $ per employee per month and will be charged monthly.
For European customers the pricing will be 2.50 € per employee/per month when billed annually and 3.00 € when billed monthly.
kiwiHR offers easy-to-use features like employee management, time saving leave administration and time tracking for all employees.

Go paperless with time saving employee management. Set up digital employee records for your employees and give them access to their own records so they can update and modify their own data.

Focus on what really matters, not on processes. Time off requests can be sent and approved in seconds with just one click. Balances are updated automatically and absences are clearly displayed in the smart kiwiHR dashboard.

kiwiHR automatically compares scheduled hours to hours actually work leaving human error out of the formula. Employees can record start work time, breaks and end work time easily on any device.

The integrated calendar shows a team’s vacation, making it easy to avoid staff shortages.
Statutory public holidays can be set up based on a company's location. These are taken into account when processing time off requests or working with the calendar.

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Frank Mittag
Frank Mittag - YooniQ solutions GmbH
Jan 23, 2019
Budget-friendly HR tool. Very userfriendly and it works with no disruptions.
Aleksander Urban
Aleksander Urban
Jan 23, 2019
Easy track of absences. Nice design.