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Subscription billing company creating software to maximize CLV
Rebilly is the world’s first customer lifetime value maximization company. We make it easy for even the most complex businesses to get the most profit possible from every single customer.
Categories: e-commerce payments
Platforms: Web
Languages: English
A “dot com survivor” and “reformed marketer,” Rebilly’s founder Adam is intimately acquainted with problem-solving and leans on data to drive his decision-making process. After founding and helming several subscription-based businesses with massive customer volumes, Adam found that his biggest constraint and point of frustration was managing billing at scale. This frustration inspired Adam to build a tailored solution to solve his billing problems. Bringing peace of mind to others with the same issues Adam began with is Rebilly’s purpose.
Your first 3 months are free

For revenues up to $1,000/month. It is free until you successfully break through that revenue goal.
We're here to help!

For revenues up to $50,000/month.
+ $0.10 per transaction fee

For revenues up to $150,000/month.
+ $0.10 per transaction fee

Over $150,000/month in revenue? Complex needs? We'll tailor a plan to fit your business.
Some of the things that make Rebilly different are our gateway agnostic platform, speedy payment integrations, and our extremely customizable Rules Engine. These features offer an unmatched degree of flexibility and control over subscription payments.

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