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Bringing together essential sales and marketing tools
Our design-led platform provides Contact & Deal Management, Email Marketing & Automation, Forecasting, Task Management, Web Analytics, and Social Monitoring in a fresh and visual web application.
Categories: marketing sales / crm
Platforms: Web
Languages: English

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Harry Knight
Harry Knight
Oct 19, 2016
SalesSeek is a beautiful tool and it is very simple to use considering many CRM systems are overly complicated with the task of managing all your customer relationships. It also takes things to the next level by integrating marketing tools with a Marketing Dashboard and marketing ROI. I've also been enjoying the new Email Campaign feature paired up with automations.
Jamie McDermott
Jamie McDermott
Oct 19, 2016
SalesSeek has some really great tools to help with sales and marketing. It's simple to setup, the visualisations take the hard work out of everything and the marketing and sales tool integrations are fantastic.
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