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Teach what you love, Learn from anyone
What if you could tap into the expertise of anyone in the world? Savvy is a global platform where learners and teachers connect for live, one on one video learning sessions.
Platforms: Web
Languages: English
Savvy empowers people to teach and learn from each other, using live, one-to-one video chat.

Savvy makes it easier than ever for teachers to coach others online. Savvy lets teachers create a free web page that they can use as their online storefront. It can be created in a few minutes and includes:

• A scheduling system that lets teachers mark their availability right in Google calendar and accept bookings from learners.
• Payment processing, so teachers can set their own price and be paid automatically by domestic and international learners.
• Video chat for every booked session, that is high quality and as easy to join as clicking a link.

Savvy Beta is free to use. Teachers set their own price for sessions they teach.
Savvy connects learners and teachers, anywhere in the world, for live, one-­on­-one video learning sessions. On Savvy learners can discover, book, learn, pay, review and rebook seamlessly in their browser — on mobile and desktop. The platform allows anyone with expertise to teach. Setting up a profile only takes a few minutes and you can instantly accept bookings, receive payments and teach sessions online or in person. Savvy provides all the tools needed to successful, effective and inspiring teaching and learning sessions.

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Touran Taj Samii
Touran Taj Samii
Feb 5, 2016
I use Savvy to learn Spanish. I love how easy it is to book a session with my Spanish Teacher. Each session is customized to what I want to learn. Overall, I've had a great experience learning on Savvy!
Jean-Marc Ly
Jean-Marc Ly
Feb 4, 2016
I love the usefulness and variety of teachers available.
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