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On-demand calling community for sales, survey and marketing calls
Upcall is the 1st collaborative call outsourcing platform, allowing businesses from around the world to create smart outbound call campaigns in less than 5 minutes.
Platforms: Web
Languages: English
Upcall is a new alternative to old solutions, its also 100% flexible and scalable, you can create call campaigns in a few minutes, while at the same time managing your budget and analyzing the ROI of your campaigns in realtime.

Nowadays, companies have 2 options: use their own sales team in order to do outbound calls (usually done by interns) or outsource it to call centers.

However, those options are expensive and time consuming, and it doesn't help when you need to conquer new territories (different industries or languages).
First 30 minutes are free, then $0.69 per minute all-inclusive
During our professional life, we realized that everything could be outsourced in the B2B industry (with top-tier players such Upwork, Toptal, 99Designs, etc..).

However, call outsourcing industry is still reserved to big players. Upcall is disrupting the $100 billion dormant call outsourcing industry, by offering a smart alternative to the expensive and time consuming call centers and internal calling departments.

We worked in startups where we wanted to grow fast and get the word out there, however it was difficult to find the right sales or customer team to call enough people in different countries and languages, while at the same time having a solution which could be cost effective and flexible.

The call campaigns are crowdsourced to people working from home, and distributed based on their interests, geography, languages and other criterias matching their specific needs.

We created an easy-to-use collaborative platform with the latest modern technology tools, which make it easi

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