Why Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

If you are traveling frequently, you probably know many travel tips and tricks. Some of these tips are obvious, and everyone knows them. There are also more obscure tips that not everyone knows. For example, one such tip is to put a crayon in your wallet when traveling.

When you travel, you probably want to pack as many things as possible while still having everything you might need. Crayons are versatile, and having one is always a good idea. 

Here we will talk more about 8 reasons why putting a crayon in your wallet is helpful when traveling.

1. Entertain Your Children

If you have children, you probably know how restless they can become while traveling for long trips, especially in waiting and sitting time. Children get bored much faster than us adults, and they need something to entertain them.

Maybe you don’t want to entertain your child by giving them a phone or an iPad, or you forgot to pack their toys or snacks.

With a crayon in your wallet, you can entertain your child in a healthy and productive way. Simply find a piece of paper and give it to your child, along with the crayon from your wallet. Your child will start drawing and stay entertained and well-behaved throughout your travel. 

2. Protect Your Cards and Documents

With the rise of electronic wallets and digital payment methods like Apple Pay, people are using physical wallets to make payments less frequently. 

Do you prefer to pay with a card instead of cash? Many people do, and they only rarely use cash for payments. If you are one of them, you probably don’t have much cash in your wallet. As a result, your wallet may feel a bit empty.

However, an empty wallet can be a bit dangerous. It allows more wiggle space for your cards and documents inside. As a result, these cards and documents can slip and fall out of the wallet more easily.

If you put a crayon in your wallet, it will cause your wallet to be more bulky. The wallet pockets where you keep your cards and documents will be more tightly packed, so your important things won’t be able to fall out so easily. 

Additionally, many wallets are soft and bendy. This is dangerous for your cards because they can break in half when your wallet bends too much. With a crayon inside your wallet, your wallet will be firm, perfectly protecting your cards.

3. Avoid Your Wallet Lose

Putting a crayon in your wallet when you travel is a clever trick to help you remember it. Empty wallets are light, which makes them less noticeable and easy to forget, but adding a crayon makes your wallet a bit heavier and bulkier. 

This way, you can feel it better in your pocket or bag. Plus, a crayon is bright and unusual, so every time you open your wallet, it catches your eye and reminds you it’s there. 

It’s also handy if you lose your wallet, as you can tell people about the crayon inside, making it easier to find. This simple idea keeps your wallet on your mind, so you’re less likely to leave it behind.

4. Write Anywhere, Anytime

How many times did you need a pen to write something, but you didn’t have it? This happens especially often when people are traveling. With a crayon in your wallet, you will always be able to write anything you need. 

Crayons are particularly handy and even more useful than regular pens, ballpoint pens, or markers. Regular pens can break easily or become too dull, ballpoint pens can run out of ink, and markers can dry out. 

Also, you can only write on some surfaces with these options.

On the other side, your crayon won’t break or get dull so easily, and even if it does, you will still be able to write with it. Your crayon can’t run out of its ink, and it can’t dry out.

Also, crayons are great for writing on any surface, even surfaces where other options would be utterly useless. 

5. Pass the Airport Security

If you are traveling by plane, you know how strict airport security can be. Sometimes, it seems like there is an endless list of things you can’t bring with you into a plane. Fortunately, crayons aren’t on that list.

Simply put one inside your wallet, and you will have no trouble bringing it with you. 

6. Leave A Trace Behind You

Since you can use crayons to write on various surfaces, they can be used to leave a trace behind you. For example, if your traveling plans include hiking in nature, you can use a crayon from your wallet to mark the trees or stones where you walked.

You can even use it if you find yourself in an unknown town that doesn’t have many signs or other landmarks. Simply mark the corners of the buildings you pass.

This way, you will know how to walk back the same path if needed. And crayons will wash and fade away over time, so you won’t damage nature or property.  

7. Save Someone in Distress

Imagine you are traveling somewhere, and you notice a child in distress. What if something bad is happening to that child? What if they are being kidnapped? It’s not like you can approach them and ask if that is the case.

However, you can discretely hand them the crayon. The adult accompanying that child won’t think much of your gesture; they might not even notice it. And, in the case that this child is truly in danger, they might use the crayon to call for help. 

Of course, even if the distressed person is an adult, you can give them the crayon, just in case.

For example, a crayon​​ can be used to write a message on paper or even on a wall, saying where they are and what’s wrong. They can draw big letters like “SOS” on the ground where people can see them.

They can also use the crayon to make arrows to show which way you went, or to leave a trail. 

If they can’t talk or are hurt, write down their name, someone to call, and any problems they have. Or, make a colorful sign with the crayon to get attention from people nearby. 

Even though this scenario sounds far-fetched and highly unlikely to happen to you, you never know when you can save someone’s life with a simple object such as a crayon. 

8. Communicate With Pictures

If you are traveling abroad, you probably assume people will speak English at least a little bit. However, that’s not always the case, even in the tourist hotspots. 

If you don’t have the patience (or stable Internet connection) to use tools such as Google Translate, you can use the crayon to visually show what you want to say.

This might seem silly, but pictures and drawings were among the first ancestors of letters and written language. They are universal – if you draw a car with “TAXI” written on it, everyone will understand that you need a ride.      

How To Place The Crayon Into Your Wallet Properly?

If you don’t want the crayon to stain the inside of your wallet, you can wrap it inside a piece of paper. This way, you will also have a piece of paper when you need to write down something. 

Also, to prevent your crayon from breaking, you should lay it horizontally along the longer side of your wallet. This way, your crayon won’t break, and it will also keep your cards and documents from breaking.

Which Types of Crayons Are The Best?

When choosing a crayon to put in your wallet, there are a few things to look out for. First of all, make sure that this crayon isn’t longer than your closed wallet. Optimally, the crayon would fit the wallet perfectly.

Try to find thinner crayons because they will fit inside your wallet better and won’t stretch it out. Choose moderately bright crayons because they are great for writing on both dark and bright surfaces. For example – lime green.

Finally, try to find waterproof crayons because they are more durable and can write even on a wet surface. 


Even though putting a crayon in your wallet might seem like a crazy idea, once you know the potential benefits, it is no longer crazy. This simple action can keep your children entertained, protect your cards, and allow you to write down your ideas or communicate with strangers. 

In some more extreme scenarios, this crayon can save someone’s (and even yours) life. So, the next time you travel, find that perfect crayon and put it inside your wallet. You can never know when you will need it!

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